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  • Winter is holding on but spring is coming in Maine!

    It looks like winter is still holding on for a bit but Spring is coming! When you’re ready to re-vitalize your Landscape, call Goodall Landscaping.   Our experts will provide a Free Estimate on any of your Lawn Care or Landscaping needs in Maine!    Our Landscape & Hardscape crews handle a wide variety of […]

  • Reminder: We only service Commercial locations for our Snow Plowing Services.

    We have been receiving more and more calls from Maine home owners after snow storms requesting our Snow Plowing services. Although we would love to help all Maine residents after a snow storm, Goodall Landscaping is solely a Commercial Snow Plowing & Management company.   We currently do not provide Residential Snow Plowing services.   […]

  • Our commercial snow plowing teams are in Full Winter Mode!

    Our Commercial Snow Plowing teams are in full winter mode, providing our customers with: 24/7 Emergency Response Trucks & Customer Support Expert In House Weather Tracking Pro-Active, During, & Post Event Parking Lot De-Icing Rotating Sidewalk Shoveling & De-Icing Crews Remember, we also provide Snow Management services: On Site Stacking and/ or Off Site Snow […]

  • We are Maine’s Commercial Snow Plowing Company!

    The cold weather is setting in. If you own a Commercial Property in Maine, call us to get your Winter Snow Maintenance Program locked in before the snow comes! We offer Free Site Assessments and can handle all of your Commercial Snow Plowing, Snow/Ice Management, Displacements and more. We can handle any sized Commercial Property […]

  • Project Feature: Large Hardscaping Project in Georgetown, ME.

    Another amazing build by the Goodall Landscaping hardscaping team! Our large hardscaping project in Georgetown, ME is making great progress. A blue stone patio and landscaping will soon follow and we’ll share those photos when everything is completed. Here are some progress pictures: We are excited to see the progress on this. This will be […]

  • We expertly install Quality Materials that stand the test of time!

    The expert Landscaping and Hardscape Installation Crews at Goodall Landscaping use only Quality Materials and install in a way that will stand the test of time! Here is a perfect example.. This water feature was designed and installed over 10 years ago! Visit for more information about our Landscape & Hardscape services!

  • Reasons to Install your Landscaping in the Fall

    Establishing your landscape in autumn has many advantages. Here are a few: Autumn has warm soil that encourages root growth and gives plants a solid head start. Cooler air temperatures reduce transplant shock. Fall rains mean less hand watering while plants get established. Few pests and diseases are active in fall. We have a great […]

  • Goodall Landscaping Service Feature: Natural Stone Walkways

    Did you know that Goodall Landscaping can design and install Natural Stone Walkways for your Home or Commercial Location in Maine? Need inspiration? Take a look at an installed natural stone walkway that we recently completed on Orrs Island. Ready for a quote? Give us a call at (207) 721-3042!