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  • Summer Landscaping Tip #2 – Pruning Rhododendrons

    Tip #2 – Pruning Rhododendrons / Azaleas. These plants form their buds for next year’s flowers soon after the current blooms fade. It is best to follow the golden rule and ‘prune after bloom’ for up to 3 weeks, pruning after that time and next year’s buds that have formed will be lost. Never shear […]

  • Summer Landscaping Tip #1 – Transplanting

    Landscaping tips: Transplanting. I am often called upon to transplant a favorite or overgrown plant to another better suited location. If you have the same task, here are my suggestions: Mark the shrub or tree with a ribbon indicating north and when you install it make sure you align it with north again. This helps […]

  • We have a new website!

    Goodall Landscaping is one of the largest Commercial and Residential Snow Plowing & Landscaping companies in Maine. Our operation has been expanding over the years, and we just upgraded our website to reflect our larger operation. Feel free to take a look around and give us a call or email us to discuss your next […]