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  • Reasons to Install your Landscaping in the Fall

    Establishing your landscape in autumn has many advantages. Here are a few: Autumn has warm soil that encourages root growth and gives plants a solid head start. Cooler air temperatures reduce transplant shock. Fall rains mean less hand watering while plants get established. Few pests and diseases are active in fall. We have a great […]

  • Late Winter Pruning Tips

    Pruning now has several advantages; the first, on a deciduous plant the structure is more visible. Look to enhance balance and shape for a more pleasing conformation. Pruning stimulates plant growth and will provide more vigor as the longer days awaken your plants. Know your plants, as there are some blooming plants that have set […]

  • Summer Landscaping Tip #3 – Summer Planting

    Tip #3 – Summer Planting. If you follow these basic steps you need not worry about installing plants in the heat of summer. Amend your soil. Here at Goodall Landscaping we use our summer grow mix which consists of 10% peat moss, 20% compost and 70% screened loam. This mix is rich in nutrients and […]

  • Summer Landscaping Tip #2 – Pruning Rhododendrons

    Tip #2 – Pruning Rhododendrons / Azaleas. These plants form their buds for next year’s flowers soon after the current blooms fade. It is best to follow the golden rule and ‘prune after bloom’ for up to 3 weeks, pruning after that time and next year’s buds that have formed will be lost. Never shear […]

  • Summer Landscaping Tip #1 – Transplanting

    Landscaping tips: Transplanting. I am often called upon to transplant a favorite or overgrown plant to another better suited location. If you have the same task, here are my suggestions: Mark the shrub or tree with a ribbon indicating north and when you install it make sure you align it with north again. This helps […]