Goodall’s Green Initiative

Using responsible tactics to preserve the environment

Goodall Landscaping is committed to Responsible Landscape Techniques

Goodall Landscaping is committed to responsible landscaping practices and using the latest “green” landscape techniques. We do this to protect and preserve the environment. At Goodall Landscaping we are always striving for the highest quality services with the lowest environmental impact possible for our clients and the environment. Below are some of the techniques and practices that we use to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

We wet our de-icing agents with Magic Salt Liquid.

  • Helps reduce overall salt usage at your property by as much as 30%
  • Reduces the environmental impact of salt.
  • Reduces the environmental salt impact on the waterways.
  • Less corroding salt on your property.
  • Reduces the overall working temperature of salt by up to 30*

We use the latest Pest Control Techniques

  • We only use pesticides in the most responsible and least harmful manner.
  • If we do not need to use pesticides, we will use other techniques to prevent pests.
  • We strategically calculate what height to cut your grass, so your grass thrives.
  • We spot spray our pesticides exactly where we need to rather than overspray.

We use the latest Landscaping Techniques

  • We select low maintenance plants and flowers which reduces unnecessary planting and replanting.
  • We use organic based fertilizers and pesticides for lower environmental impact.
  • We place plants strategically around buildings to increase insulation and reduce energy costs.
  • We set irrigation systems on proper timing schedules for landscapes to thrive.

Landscaping Truck & Equipment Fuel

  • At all times, we train our staff to turn machines and trucks off when not in use, to prevent emissions.
  • When we upgrade our equipment and trucks, we always look for fuel efficient options.

Goodall Landscaping Recycles Waste Landscaping Materials

  • When we clean up property waste, we recycle any landscaping debris/trash.
  • We compost our green waste that our crews bring in.
  • We reuse nutrient rich compost in new planting projects.


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