Late Winter Pruning Tips

Pruning now has several advantages; the first, on a deciduous plant the structure is more visible. Look to enhance balance and shape for a more pleasing conformation. Pruning stimulates plant growth and will provide more vigor as the longer days awaken your plants. Know your plants, as there are some blooming plants that have set their buds the previous season. This is where the “prune after Bloom” mantra comes in. Avoid pruning forsythia, rhododendrons, lilacs, azaleas, quince, mountain lauel, ornamental fruit trees, to name a few, and wait until after they bloom.

Hydrangea pruning depends of the type you have. Paniculata, oak leaf, and arborescens hydrangeas bloom on new wood so this is a great time to prune. Macrophylla or big leaf hydrangeas bloom on old wood so prune these after they bloom. Endless summer hydrangeas bloom on old and new wood and need to be pruned after they bloom.


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